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Tuesday, July 23, 2019
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Student & Adult Lenten Dinner @ UUMC -- Sunday, April 7, 2019 at 12pm. Come and bring a friend for food, fellowship, and fun!





Campus Ministry (Wesley Foundation)


UUMC is proud to be affiliated with the United Methodist Campus Ministry (Wesley Foundation) at the University of Maryland. The United Methodist Campus Ministry strives to be a safe space for discussion and growth of all students, regardless of theological identity, race, nationality, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

For more information about campus ministry, see their website.

For Wesley Foundation events, click here to go to their calendar.



UMD Campus Ministry Hub (click link)


Do you want to share the love of God with fellow UMD students in tangible and meaningful ways? Do you feel called to lead a movement that transforms lives on and off campus? Do you desire to see the campus of UMD become a place beaming with vibrant expressions of Christian faith and love?  Are you looking for something that will challenge you and build you up at the same time?
The Wesley Foundation is piloting a new approach to campus ministry called the Ministry Hub, and it might very well be the daring new adventure that you‘ve been looking for. Rather than asking students to solely be the recipients of ministry from a campus minister, the campus ministry hub invites a team of young adult interns to be the agents of ministry, leading the UMD Wesley Foundations campus ministry efforts in 2019-2020. Ministry hub interns, “hubbers,” will serve with the guidance and support of a project manager who will meet with hubbers weekly.

This new leadership journey will stretch your leadership skills, your faith, and your idea of ministry, and all three of those things will be more well-developed by May 2020. Jesus’ (young adult) disciples were profoundly shaped by being sent out to actually do ministry, well before any of them had completed a training course in leadership. This ministry hub will give you an authentic chance to try on ministry for yourself in the context of a well-supported, well-aligned ministry team of peers. This important commitment also has its perks, such as:

  • Many opportunities to make decisions and influence ministry
  • A diverse, passionate team of 2-3 fellow interns plus student leaders to collaborate with
  • An experienced mentor meeting with you weekly
  • A time commitment under 10 hours per week
  • $16 an hour for your work
Commitment and Compensation

Campus Ministry Hub interns serve for one academic year at a time. We are currently accepting applications for those serving August 2019-May 2020. Hubbers will be asked to serve 5-7 hours per week, including weekly ministry hub meetings, weekly gatherings, special events, and building relationships with other students, organizations, United Methodist Congregations, and donors. Hubbers will be paid $16 per hour up to $4,000 per academic year.

Apply Now

Important Dates
  • March 11: Application Period Opens
  • April 15: Application Period Closes
  • April 28: Campus Ministry Hub Orientation  
  • Mid-August Campus Ministry Hub Training Retreat (to be calendared based on selected Hubber schedules)