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Come Walk With  Us!

Welcome to University UMC!


It is my joy and privilege to serve as the pastor of University United Methodist Church! Since its birth in 1948, this congregation has been dedicated to creating a faith community that would connect head and heart faith, and would nurture the faith of students, faculty, and staff connected to the UMD campus as well as the surrounding community.


It is my hope that if you are looking for a church home, a place and a people with whom to worship, a community of faith to explore your questions with, a safe and loving place for your children to grow, a smile, a warm welcome, etc, that you will find it here. We are a diverse community of faith that strives to serve God and our community with the love of Christ. We invite you to walk with us as we work to live out the lyrics to this song:


Let’s walk together for a while and ask where we begin

to build a world where love can grow and hope can enter in,

to be the hands of healing and to plant the seed of peace,

singing welcome, welcome to this place.

You’re invited to come and know God’s grace.

All are welcome the love of God to share

'cause all of us are welcome here;

all are welcome in this place. ("Welcome" by Mark A. Miller and Laurie Zelman, 2011.)


May the welcome be warm and wide, always. May the deep and abiding love of God abound in your heart and in the hearts of all. And may you experience that here.


Grace and Peace,


Pastor Michelle

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